Aging System


Weapons, Shields, Orbs and Armors can all be aged in PristonTale.
Each item can be aged up to '+20', with each aging the specs of the item are increased,
Weapons gain attack power, critical and attack rating, Defence items gain absorb and defence.

With each aging the cost of aging increases,
and with every second aging the level required to equip the item increases.
Additionally, The higher level the aging,
the higher the chance of failing the age and de-aging or breaking the item.
If the item breaks you will lose your item completely.

How To Age

In the town of Pillai you will find the Aging Craftsman.
He will take your item, sheltoms and gold and start the aging process.

Drop the item you wish to age into the box on the left.
The sheltoms required will show on the right.
Drop the sheltoms into the designated boxes and click the + button to proceed.
Your item will return to your inventory and item will have an empty aging bar across the top.


Items need to be matured to complete the aging process.
This is achieved by using the items in battle.

Claws, Bows, Scythes, Swords and Javelins mature by scoring critical hits on monsters.
Axes, Hammers, Wands and Staffs mature by normal attacks on monsters.

Armors, Robes and Orbs mature by getting hit by monsters.
Shields mature when they block a monster's hit.
Maturing only works on monsters that are within 10 levels of your own.

Once the bar is full you will see an animation indicating that the maturing is complete.

The matured item will show its new aged level and the affected stats will be blue.
Once aging has reached +4 and higher, the aged item will glow.
The glow colour is specific to its aging level.
The glow only shows on weapons and shields.

For each 2 levels an item is aged, the level requirement increases by 1 level.
If you age an item beyond your level you will no longer be able to use it,
until you have reached the required level.

Aging Requirements

The gold required to age an item depends on the level/value of the item that is being aged,
with each increase in aging level the cost increases.
The below table shows the sheltom cost
and chance of failure as well as level requirement increase for each aging level.

Aging Table
Aging Level +1+2+3 +4+5+6 +7+8+9 +10+12+12 +13+14+15 +16+17+18 +19+20
Level Req Added 01122 33445 56677 889910
Added Aging Cost X0.5X1X1.5X2X2.5 X3 X3.5X4X4.5X5 X5.5X6X6.5X7X7.5 X8X8.5X9X9.5X10
Failure Chance
Fadeo 2222222 2
Sparky 2222222 222
Raident 1222222 22222
Transparo 12222 2222222
Murky 122 2222222 22
Devine 12 2222222 222
Celesto 1222222 22222
Mirage 122222 2222
Inferna 1222 2222
Enigma 12 2222
Bellum 1 222
Ordo 12
No chance of failure nor de-aging (0%)
Low chance of failure or de-aging (30%)
Moderate chance of failure or de-aging (50%)
High chance of failure or de-aging (65%)
Very high chance of failure or de-aging (80%)
Extremely high chance of failure or de-aging (95%)


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