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Getting Started

The PristonTale world is made up of two tribes, Morion and Tempskron.

Morion are the peaceful religious tribe in the north, Their home town is Pillai.
Atalantas, Knights, Magicians and Priestesses are the classes found in Morion tribe.
Typically their skills are holy and magical.

Tempskron are the battle tribe based in the south, Their home town is Ricarten.
Archers, Fighters, Pikemen and Mechanicians are the classes found in Tempskron.
As expected, their skills are powerful physical attack type skills.

Once you log into the game you are presented with your characters.
This is where you can create new characters or delete them.
There is a limit of 5 characters per account.

Click "Create a new character"

Select Tempskron

or Morion


Potions are little pots that instantly recover health (red), stamina (green) or mana (blue).
They come in 4 sizes and their recovery amount varies accordingly.
SizeRestored Value
Mini 240-340
Medium 460-800
Great 880-1160
Mystic 2400-3200
These are dropped by monsters or can be purchased from Miscelaneous stores in various towns.

Potions can be put into the quick slots on the bottom bar,
simply drag and drop them into the spots.

These spots are assigned to the number keys 1, 2 and 3.
The number of potions you can drop into each spot is limited by the armlets equipped.

Weapons and Armors

Once in game you will be able to go out into the lands and fight monsters.
Monsters will give you experience points.
The amount of experience points required to level up increases with each level.
However, as you get stronger you can move on to more difficult areas.
The higher level the monster, the more experience points it will give you.

You can fit your character up with items to assist it and strengthen it for battle.
These are found in shops (for lower levels) and are dropped by monsters in the field.
  • Robes: Provide the defence for Magicians, Shaman' and Priestesses.
  • Armors: Provides defence for Combat Classes.
  • Staffs and Wands: The weapon of choice for Magicians and Priestesses.
  • Daggers: The best weapon for Assassins.
  • Swords: The primary weapon for Knights.
  • Hammers and Claws: The weapon of the Mechanician class.
  • Axes: The perfect weapon for the Fighter class.
  • Javelins: A necessicity for the Atalanta class.
  • Phantoms: The weapon of Shaman.
  • Bows: The Archers favourite weapon.
  • Scythes: The iconic weapon of the Pikeman.

Items have level and statistic requirements in order for them to be used.
The stronger the equipment the higher the requirements.
The statistic requirements are:
Equates to attack power, defence and absorb in fighting classes.
Equates to maximum Mana in all classes and attack power in Magicians and Priestesses.
Required by all classes for weapons and defence items.
Required for boots, increases walk and run speed.
Increases maximum Health Points.
Defence items have statistics of the defence the offer.
This is the the defence rating it offers, every 10 defence makes for 0.1 absorb.
This is how much of the damage recieved is absorbed.
Organic, Fire, Frost, Lightning, Poison:
These attributes are the bonus defence against each given attack type.

Weapons have statistics for attack attributes.
Attack Power:
This is the base amount multiplied to make up the character overall attack power.
Attack Speed:
This is the speed in which the attacks are initiated.
This is the range the attacks reach.
Attack Rating:
This is the rating for how frequently the attacks are effective.

Skills and Stat Points

With each level you earn 5 stat points (more are earned after completing quests at higher levels).
These can be distributed through the 5 stat types, Strength, Spirit, Talent, Agility and Health.
The way you distribute these varies from class to class
but is primarily determined by the requirements of the items equiped.

For every two levels, after level 10, One Skill Point (SP) is earned
and for every two levels after level 60, One Elite Skill Point(EP) is earned.

Skill points can be distributed across special skills.
Skills can be levelled up (level 10 maximum) to increase their effect.
Skills use Mana and Stamina each time they are used,
the amount used is designated on each skill.
Skills have a recharge time before they can be used again.
The more a skill is used the less the recharge time,
this is indicated by the orange bar next to the skill.
Certain skills have a built in delay that is enforced after a certain level.
This delay can not be trained out.

Elite Skills are attained in the fourth tier by completion of the level 60 rank up quest.
Elite Skills do not need to be trained up, they have a fixed delay.

To utilise skills, open the skill panel (Shortkey = S),
right click on the skill,
right click on the targeted monster to utilise the skill.
Certain skills can be assigned to Left click.

You can create shortcuts for your favourite skills.
Open the skill panel, hold right click on the skill of your choice
and press your desired f-key (F1-F8).
When in battle you can quickly shift between skills by pressing the assigned F-key.

Warehouse and Inventory

Your inventory is where you hold all your items (Shortkey = I).
There are two pages of the inventory, but there is a weight limit to be mindful of.
You can change between the inventory pages with the use of the arrow buttons.

The exclamation (!) button is where all quest items and warpgate wings are stored,
these have no impact on normal inventory storage.
You can start a personal shop to sell items when in Ricarten or Pillai.
To do this, press the Up arrow button in the inventory view.
In your personal shop you can list a selling price for each item
and write a description of what you're selling to attract people to your shop.

In each main town (Ricarten, Pillai, Navisko), is a Warehouse Keeper,
this warehouse is for your account.
It is a common storage space accessible by all your characters.
You can also store gold in there for when your character is full.
This is a useful tool for storing items for your characters prior to use.
However, you can not store potions in the warehouse.


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